Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why my Description is Changing Again

Some of you first came to this blog because of emerging XMRV information. While this specific virus theory is declared to be dead, I'm personally not sure the retrovirus story is over, honestly. As we await further chapters of the ME/CFS saga, to unfold, I will try to highlight any especially profound developments as they come to light. It is a long article, but for anyone really interested here is a farewell letter from a group called XMRV Global Action that is filled with further information and resources.

Before I forget again I had to share a few cute and sweet thing from our 9-year-old. I have used Sign Language as a secondary language for well over 20 years, teaching all our kids some Sign since birth. The other day my daughter (who doesn't even have a phone or ability to text yet), Signed "BRB" to me in Sign Language letters. My speech therapist happened to be here at the time and foud her Signing/texting combo to be creative and hysterical.

I've already forgotten the other cute comment I wanted to remember. :( If I think of it again, I'll try to edit it into this post!