Thursday, October 16, 2014


I actually started this post yesterday with the intent to share memories of my Heaven children. Then the school called about one of my blessings still on earth...

So what's been happening in my world? Well our living kid have all been in and out of school, taken turns with viruses and assorted bacterial infections. Our 6th grader was sent home twice within a week and has a virus AND Step right now!

If only that were the worst of it, but my mom was recently hospitalized with some sort of stroke-like event. She was just moved to a rehabilitation hospital last night so I'm heading out to spend a few hours with her this morning and coming home before our 3rd grader gets home so his sick sister doesn't have to be in charge!

Interestingly enough, my mom is now admitted to the very facility where I am hosting an open house on Saturday, in celebration that this month marks 3 years of my own stroke survival. (I was ready to cancel my part on Monday, but my parents encouraged me to keep it in the plans and a few friends are now stepping in for Mom to help me pull it off.) She will be able to attend as an in-house resident now.

I know I had two amazing products to tell you about last month, both the (in)Courage line of new letter blocks and a Bible storybook by David C. Cook. My apologies to both of these companies for telling them I would tell you how much I love their products (And I do! I won't endorse any product I don't personally love!) by certain deadlines, but failing to do so. I've decided that, other than the product reviews I do for stroke recovery and adaptation, my life is just too crazy for me to follow through on other commitments of this kind right now. (Received free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.)

Treasury of Bible Stories is, as it's name indicates, a true treasure. When I first saw the book I though it was just another colorful read-aloud for toddlers and preschoolers. Then my action-packed 3rd grader picked it up and is using as his after school reading practice. (He's half way through the 350+ pages for his second time already.) He loves the humor, rhyming patterns of words, and creative expression of the stories and bright pictures. It is so exciting to see him engaging with Bible stories and asking thought-provoking questions like I have never witnessed with any other of our many Bible story books. Maybe it was just a timing thing, that he discovered this collection of Bible stories at just the right time for his mind to embrace them in a new way, but the telling is quite clever and inviting, even to a nearly-9-year-old who has been in Sunday School nearly every week of his life. No, Kelly Pulley hasn't changed anything about the Story, just presented the details quite cleverly. I highly recommend this one to add to your collection!

With the LetterPress block I have a second opportunity to tell you about, since I really want to do my best to honor my commitment (and it is a really cool system): DaySpring and (in)courage are thrilled with the response to our new Letterpress Blocks Collection! You can “build your word” by dragging letters of different sizes to create the word or phrase of your choice. Then, easily add your word to cart and checkout at Pre-packaged kit words are also available for sale at DaySpring. Words Matter Letterpress Blocks- Build your Word! (affiliate link)