Monday, June 3, 2013

Stranger Than Fiction

In the "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" category, I just got off the phone with our 10-year-old's orthopedic surgeon's office. We are bypassing the standard Emergency Room visit and going directly there for x-rays since she has ended up there for the last two breaks and severe sprain to the growth plate anyway. Yup, it looks like she has yet another broken foot, the last limb to be broken in her fragile, tiny body!

For anyone keeping count, this likely makes our 3rd cast (plus staples in our son's head) since last summer! Ugghhh! She is relieved she made it through the second half of her ballet class and the recital without another cast (yes, she was in a cast, sidelining her for several weeks during the first half of the season), but is already sad that a cast would mean no swimming again this summer.

Pictures found via Pintrest.

In her defense, only one of her many breaks (3 for sure, plus likely this one as well) and sprains (two bad enough to require x-rays and prolonged medical care) was actually brought about by her own carelessness and "should" have even resulted in injury. This is just plain crazy! Today's culprit was a doll stand (I would guess weighing well under two pounds) feel from a height of about two or three feet and landed on the top of her little foot. Should have caused a bruise, maybe, but not the knot that is bulging out, nor the pain that prevents bearing her own weight.

Thankfully we had crutches at the ready, but our boot/cast is pretty frayed and stinky, after two injuries already, so if they need to cast it, we need a new one of those! I'm tempted not to even post this stuff any more, because unless you are local and watching it in person, you have got to be thinking I'm making this stuff up by now! I wish...

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