Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day

All three kids are off to their first day of school. For the younger two (Yes, our 10-year-old got in! Thanks for the prayers!), it will be either of their first times ever in a traditional classroom. For our 13-year-old, he's had one semester of traditional classroom experience now, but it is his first day of high school.

I'm doing OK. It was important to make the kids breakfast, take first day pictures in their new school uniforms, get extra hugs and pray blessings over them all, but so far just anxiousness wonder what they are each doing and thinking. I little hallow feeling in the pit of my stomache, but surprisingly not too bad and no tears at this point.

Update: They all had wonderful days!
It is strange to realize we would normally be getting ready for the "Not Back to Public School" homeschool picnic today. Many friends are there. We are entering new worlds instead.

Today is only a half day, so by the time Mom takes me to the gym for our therapy work out, I won't have long to wait to hear about the first day of school. I guess tomorrow will be the first real taste of our new reality.

For those who have wondered, the lemonade stand went great last week. :) I'm so glad the girls had this end of summer experience.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cupcakes and Lemonade!

Our daughter and her friend wanted me to let you know they are holding a lemonade and cupcake stand at 1PM in Curti Ranch tomorrow (Wednesday). ;) If you are in Reno, please swing by and support two sweet little girls in their last of summer entrepreneurialism.