Friday, October 23, 2015

Thankful Rememberance

The younger two are at the beginning of their 3rd year of public school now. Our oldest started half way through 8th and is 1/4 way through 11th now, so been there almost 3 full years.

recent picture of our 4th grader
I was just thanking God for our home schooling years together and wanted to share this sweet memory with you. The video is a little less than 8 1/2 minutes long and does require a Dropbox (free) account, but shows each of our kids when they were little and our amazing classroom (now our oldest's bedroom) in the rare state of first day of a new school year cleanliness and organization. So much joy!!!

Yes, our 7th grader really has been flying airplanes since she was 8!
Goal is to log enough flight hours to test for her pilot licence two years before she can test for a driver's license!

This video was shot 14 months, 2 days before my strokes.

11th grader is camera shy, so I had to look back to last school year to find this rare footage of him at a science exhibit.