Sunday, June 28, 2009

Importance of Socks

Who knew socks could make such a difference? My sweet hubby was able to share a pair with a homeless man last night. He also gave him bottled water and energy bars. The man was thankful for all the provisions, but most thankful for the socks!

I questioned why socks could make a difference in 100 degree heat, thinking maybe they were to keep his feet warm in the cool outdoor night as he sleeps on the street? My hubby looked at me and said, "Think of the blisters you would get if you had to walk everywhere and didn't have a pair of socks." He also pointed out that socks were probably low on the man's priority list, a true luxury, because he would spend anything he had first on the basics like simple nourishment and just put up with the discomfort of his feet...

Made me think. There are so many daily luxuries I take for granted, things I consider "needs" like a pair of clean socks, that much of the world, including many right here in our country, do without on a daily basis. Praying for this man and the many like Him, that God will meet them just where they are and provide not only their "daily bread" but overwhelm them with His love as He blesses them with some special "extras" as well. And may I never look at a pair of socks with such indifference again!

Edited to add the link to another socks story written by a blogging friend: Socks are Worth More Than Gold. Very touching (grab a tissue)!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Funny Figures of Speech

I've got writer's block and I need your help! I'm trying to come up with figures of speech related to talking or use of the voice. Things like:
- Frog in the throat
- Zip your lip
- Cat got your tongue

Can you help me out? What other figures of speech can you think of for my list?

Free Glidden Paint

Claim your free can of Glidden paint by July 2. Pick a color, fill out the form, they will mail it to you. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Vacation...

We haven’t taken one in over two years. My health has been a huge factor as extended (or even not-so-extended) car trips are physically taxing on my body and air travel is too costly for a family of five. There are many places we would love to visit, but like everyone else, we are mindful of the economy and know that even if we can find a way to our destination, we will still face lodging expenses on the other side. So, beyond the simple “stay-cation” concept, is there any realistic way for our family to enjoy a memorable summer trip together?

When watching the evening news last night we realized that RV rental might be a great solution for our family travel plans! Because we would have the freedom of a “home on wheels” the travel part sounds much more doable both for my physical limitations and our budget restrictions. No need for extensive packing and unpacking as we lug suitcases in and out of expensive hotel rooms! No grumpy-from-hunger fussy kids due to waiting for overpriced (and often high-fat, lower-nutrition) restaurant meals or junky fast food.

My hubby likes to drive but gets easily frustrated with “kid noise” in our minivan. RVing would mean he could be up front and happy behind the wheel while the rest of us could enjoy family interaction farther back in the vehicle, not strapped in like ducks in a row, but able to read and play together without being a safety distraction to Dad.

RV vacationing is sounding more and more attractive by the moment. So I’m entering this blogging contest at Classic Adventures RV and will keep you posted if we take to the road in an RV later this summer! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US parents' rights in danger!

I know my readers here are a mixture of those who are parents and those who long for parenthood. But this message is an important one for any US citizen who wants your parenting rights to be kept in place!

Parental has posted a critical message about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the current US governement push to join this movement. The concerning issue is that the UN treaty would eclipse current US law and take away many parental rights and freedoms.

Please join me in taking immediate action by calling the White House comments line at 202-456-1111. Tell them you heard the administration wants to ratify the CRC, and you strongly oppose this giving away of U.S. sovereignty to the UN. Also keep in mind that this treaty gives the government jurisdiction to override any decision made by any parent if the government thinks that a better decision can be made—even if there is no proof of any harm.

Also contact Ambassador Susan Rice’s office at the United Nations. Tell her that you want her to represent the United States to the world rather than trying to get the United States to go along with international law initiated by the UN. Her office number is 212-415-4404. The US Mission at the United Nations can be reached at 212-415-4000 (press 6 to leave your message). You can also contact the Public Diplomacy Office at 212-415-4050. Acording to "This is not a message they want to hear, so do not expect a cordial reception. The important thing is to get the message through."

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free OrangeJulius today only

I just ran across this freebie and wanted to pass it along:
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever Still Feel Infertile?

Infertility is a funny thing. You would think it would end with the birth/adoption of a child, wouldn't you? Well, physically it might not, because the medical issues that prevented pregnancy to begin with aren't usually just erased by parenthood and often bring ongoing medical care needs either for future attempts at pregnancy or simply for long-term health reasons. But at least on an emotional level it should seem that parenthood would mark the end of infertility.

For me, it did not. I know that must sound crazy coming from the mother of three living miracles, the oldest nearing age 10 now, but it has only been in the last couple of years that I have really felt my heart moving into a new chapter of life and fully embracing my post-infertility season without the entanglements of "survivor guilt" trying to strangle the joy away. I still mark the "would have been" ages of our children lost to miscarriages and my heart stings over the comments made around me that I know would be painful to the ears of my infertile friends. It goes much deeper than all of that, but it's all so complicated and hard to put into words.

I've never found a really good way to explain the long-term scarring of my heart through infertility until I happened upon this simple word picture today. It wasn't written specifically about infertility at all (though interestingly enough, the author is living through primary infertility), but it was one of those, "Ah-ha! Yes, that's what I've been feeling!" moments when I read it. Check out Holley Gerth's reflections on Stop Signs and see if her story can help you keep from getting stuck at old heartaches too. :)

For active infertility support, be sure to visit Hannah's Prayer Ministries and our fantastic message board Community Forums. Or for the unique issues of parenthood after infertility, visit our sister ministry, Parenting after Infertility Ministries (PAI)

Just after posting this blog I came across yet another story that fits with the theme, so I'm editing to add another link. My friend Marlo Schalalesky (who I interviewed here in April) tells the story of a lesson God taught her on moving on from heartache through the actions of her after-infertility son. If you have a ShoutLife account (or want to register for this great Christian social media site), check out When God Lets Your Blocks Fall then drop by and register as my ShoutLife friend too, while you are on that site! :)