Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Not my kids this time, but two of my Facebook friends have recounted their kid stories over the past few weeks and I can't stop giggling, so I have to paraphrase these adorable tails here.

From Pinterest, showing brain hemisphere dominance
The first comes from another after-infertility mom. She says her daughter sometimes hears the word "barren" used in association with her own life story. The other day she asked her Daddy the meaning of that word. Turning the question back towards her, he asked what she thought it might mean. She replied that she figured it must be a cave where big, fuzzy animals live. A.K.A. "Bear Inn." :)

Another was when a friend took her toddlers to the library yesterday to get library cards. That evening, one of the little girls informed her Daddy, "Mommy took us to the library today to get credit cards so we can drive now!" Her Mommy thinks perhaps a little clarification may be in order. ;)

These stories remind me of the day that another of my friends, a woman in church leadership, once told about finding her young daughter stripped naked and playing in the baptismal with the equally nakedly innocent tiny son of the pastor. When the children were fished out, clothed and questioned, they explained that they had been "bath-a-tizing" one another!

Monday, September 2, 2013

18 Years

18 years ago, I was due to have been in labor with our firstborn on Labor Day. Really not sad at the memory now, just strange to think of how different our lives could have been. I think I would still be grieving pretty strongly, if it weren't for this event that so profoundly changed my perspective. Knowing Noel knows nothing but Glory, I am eager to meet her again some day.  
Here's an update about our vacation fun this weekend. :)