Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New School Year

We are half way through week 4 of Exploring Countries and Cultures. I'm finding a few concept that I just can't wrap my brain around, but thankfully the teacher's book plans it out so well, that all 4 of us are learning! This has got to be my best form of therapy ever, and I truly don't think our kids are lacking as a result. They seem to be thriving, educationally, and in pretty much every area. Mostly, schooling is going surprisingly smoothly, especially now that I'm more mobile (mostly walking with a cane, as of last week)! The biggest challenge is getting solid school time with all my therapy and doctors' appointment, surgeries, tests, and such. We have yet to have an uninterrupted school week, and still we are staying on schedule. God is good!

Emotionally, the kids (and us, their parents) are still processing all that has happened over this past year, the realities of last school year, and being apart for nearly 8 months, the permanent changes in our lives. I would say we have had more tears in the past month that in any prior entire school year. I can only imagine how much harder it would be if they had to leave the house to school away from home every day, again this year! They are so thankful to be home, and so am I. It is a process, but we are making it. Thank you for your much-needed, ongoing prayers.

The kids are taking the next few days to go with Rick's parents to see cousins and just enjoy being kids. Their other cousin (one of the sons of my brother) is down visiting and staying with my parents (half a mile away) this month, so they are having all kinds of cousin reunions. I'm praying to handle them being gone well, emotionally, since this will be their first time away from home for overnight (except when I was recovery from surgery) since they have been back home. I'm so excited for them, just want to be able to put my fears to rest and put logic behind my emotions for me.

R. has come up with some exceptionally cute statements lately. I'm sad I didn't share them as she said them and now can't remember what she's said.

P. S. R was released for her foot last Friday and can't wait to go swimming!