Thursday, September 6, 2012


Yesterday, we were riding home from the gym (therapy) and our 6 and a half-year-old announced, "I have a wiggler!" He's been waiting years for this to happen and was so excited.

Before we even got home (less than 10 minutes) he was handing the tooth up to me, so it must have been quite wiggly by the time he even discovered it.

We got in the door, I called Rick, took a shower, then he came into our room handing me yet another tooth! This was probably less than half an hour after he lost the first one. This one was bloody and had obviously been more forcefully pulled, but still! He had just mentioned it was slightly wiggly when the other one came out. I never even got to feel or see any wiggles or take a first lost tooth picture.
Little Bear losses first two teeth within half an hour!

He called Daddy back and we teased J-Bear (well, half serious) that he couldn't pull any more teeth yesterday or he would need dentures before Daddy even got home from work.

He was fine with that limitation as long as the tooth fairy knew to bring him double gifts last night. ;)

I'm so glad he was back home for this momentous occasion.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom Will Miss You

To put today's post in context, you probably should read the first few paragraphs of this post first.

Unless anyone has a living child, after loss, this might sound rather morbid, but it was humorous (especially after the fact, when I was relaying the story to my husband a couple of hours later) to me. Saturday, when I was having an emotional meltdown, one of the reasons I was crying was because it should have been about Noel's 17th birthday, had she actually been born near her due date. Actually I was crying more for me, thinking, "She got to go to Heaven and I didn't."

Our 6-year-old came up to me right as I was trying to stop crying and asked me what was wrong. I told him that it should have been his big sister's 17th birthday and I was missing her. Then our 9=year-old came up and asked what was wrong, so I told her the same thing. Because of the combined impact of the strokes and my tears, she couldn't understand my answer and asked her little brother to explain.

His explanation was, "Mom's going to miss you when you have your 17th birthday." I started giggling right through the tears. "Wrong big sister, Sweetheart."

Hard to believe we "would have" one starting her senior year of high school or first year of college this year! You are still loved and missed, Noel. I am so glad it wasn't our living daughter I was crying over this week, as I couldn't imagine living without any of the children we are so blessed to have in our lives today! But one child never "replaces" another and I still do miss Noel, Joel and Hannah too!