Friday, July 29, 2016

Describing What I Can't Understand

You can learn more about the latest with my kids, including our newest broken bone, over on my stroke blog, but this story needs to be highlighted here in its own post:

God did a big thing to encourage our 13-year-old's heart today. Since she was 6 or 7, Ruth has vividly described this little girl named Hazel, two years younger than Ruth, brown hair, Hazel eyes, that our family should adopt. 

She dreams, talks about, prays for, Hazel. After my strokes, we knew adoption was off the table for our family, and yet Hazel dreams live on. Ruth and I have talked about how Hazel is maybe a dream God has given her for her own adopted daughter someday. 

Yesterday, Ruth was exploring a foster care website from a state across the country and found Hazel, age 11, the face from her dream, several specifics she has told us over the years, including Hazel's name! 

Ruth knows we can't adopt, but was in sobs of joy, "I KNEW she is a real person!" Ruth is reaching out to the foster agency see if she could be allowed any form of contact such as pen pals, but whatever the answer, is committed to praying for Hazel daily and hopes to meet her after Hazel turns 18.  

Ruth just astounds me (and so does God)!

Poor Rick. He came home to Ruth's sitting on the couch sobbing. 
"What's WRONG Ruth? 

*SOB* "I found Hazel! I'm just SO HAPPY!" *SOB*

"I can tell?!"