Friday, August 12, 2011

Could You Please Lend a Hand?

For the past two years my friends have been wonderful about helping to support me in my desire to raise funds for the Whittemore Peterson Institute. I was so blessed when both last year (great pictures and a full run-down of the evening) and the year before, you all send my husband and I to I Hope You Dance.

Well, it's that time again. And so I humbly come asking if you would be willing to partner with me in sponsoring our evening once again? While it is a blessing to get together with others who are like-minded in trying to solve the crazy puzzle of neuro-immune illnesses such as autism, a-typical MS, gulf war syndrome, ME, CFS and much more, what these fund-raising efforts really mean to me is hope. Only a portion of each ticket purchase goes to the actual meal, while about 80% goes directly back to supporting the research of WPI.

Even if I couldn't attend the evening (and that could be a possibility this year, depending on a few factors I won't know for sure until right up to the date), I would still desperately want to be able to purchase the tickets to support this cause. Would you please consider helping me reach this goal? Every dollar helps! (If I cannot reach a full ticket purchase price, I promise to still donate any funds raised through this ChipIn event to the Whittemore Peterson Institute, so please know your donation will still encourage me and go to a great cause either way.) Thank you so much! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

School Week 4

We are just finishing "week 4" of My Father' World 1850s - Modern Times. Due to some medical appointments next week, we will have a short school week then, so it works out well to finish "week 4" today and tomorrow, then do "week 5" the end of this week, and early part of next. We plan to start "week 6" around Aug. 22.

So far we have been learning about the pre-Civil War days. This includes both US and world history, as well as an introduction to the Underground Railroad and some specific stories of slavery. In listening to many slave Spirituals on YouTube today, we came across this historical video my kids wanted to share with you. The audio quality isn't great, so you may need to watch and listen a couple of times to catch everything, but it's short, so worth the listen.

Here's another: