Friday, March 13, 2009


The title sums it up. Hit Tuesday moning. By Thursday afternoon my dear in-laws came and picked up the kids. My parents are out of town for 2 weeks but Mom fixed me up with meals Wednesday night before she left (even though she had a badly broken and infected toe herself)!

My primary care doctor thinks it's viral and I'm on anti-motion sickness meds with the offer of valium if I get to the point of being so nausious I can't keep anything donw (with the idea that the valium would basically "put me in a coma" according to the doctor so I could just sleep it all off). I'm doing a pretty good job at sleeping it off without drastic measures, sleeping about 16-18 out of every 24 right now. Symptoms expected to last anywhere from 1-2 week to as long as 1-2 months.

I miss my babies already, but thankful they are having fun on the farm with grandparents while I'm out of commission. While I "know" better in my heart, these are the time satan likes to play head games with me and tell me that this is what happens when a chronically ill woman pursures motherhood in spite of infertility. As my mom was quick to point out, you don't have to have a chronic illness nor an infertility history to have vertigo and that every mom gets sick sometimes. I just feel my "sometimeses" are coming around a lot lately and I wish these times didn't have to impact my ability to be the Mommy I want to be.

Not going to try to edit, so I hope this post is readable. My world is spinning and I'm crawling back into bed.

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Vera said...

Aw Jenni, many hugs and prayers headed your way. Your mom is absolutely right! Hope you feel better soon.