Thursday, February 3, 2011

Managing Life

It seems when life hits, it hits all at once. I'm still not back to the improvements I had been feeling prior to my massive asthma attack nearly three weeks ago, thought this week has been better than the prior two. Tuesday night I did too much and have spent most of yesterday and today back in bed. Being down doesn't mean life stops though. We are continuing to homeschool, hubby's keeping us well-fed, my parents are lending an extra hand with our kids, and I'm getting caught up on some much-neglected writing and blogging. :)
In case you haven't visited my other blogs in a while, please indulge me in a quick tour of some recent highlights:

- On the infertility and pregnancy loss support blog, I recently learned that Hannah's Hope is being translated into Czech!

- What's in a Name?, my poem on living with chronic illness, was named as a top-20 finalist in an international poetry contest.

- I'm guest blogging about inner beauty, this month talking about the hard work of love. (This link will also let you grab a 20% discount + free gift code for Affordable Mineral Makeup™.)

- If you are in need of a dose of hope for life's "desert seasons," drop by Harvesting Hope from Heartache™ too!

- Yesterday I talked here about Tipping the Scales, my ongoing journey with health and hormones and sugar and weight.

It's been a busy week! I'm thankful that God can redeem even "down" days to His glory. Please, tell me what's happening in your life???

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