Friday, June 1, 2012

They Say 3rd Time's the Charm?

We are home from the orthopedic surgeon's office. After nearly a week and a half (9 days) of thinking it was just a bad sprain or bruise, our 9-year-old has a confirmed break in her right foot, right through the growth plate connecting the base of her big toe to her foot.

She is now sporting a lovely (hot and heavy, according to her) black boot that looks like a smaller version of the one I wore for 10 weeks a few years back. Hopefully she will not have to wear hers so long! We go back in a month for a new round of x-rays.

I teased my mom that my parents are not allowed to leave town again, as 2 of the last 4 times they have been planning an extended trip out of state, my daughter or I have broken a foot.

This is R.'s 3rd break, having previously broken both arms. I am telling her that she only has one limb left to go. I hope she doesn't take me up on that challenge!

Of course her "graceful" mother never broke anything until adulthood then made up for it by breaking bones in both feet, one of which need surgery and now carries two pins. Her father broken his arm seven times in childhood (to the point of being told that if he broke it again, he would never be able to use it). My brother and uncle both sport crooked elbows (like R.'s, below) from childhood breaks. I guess it runs in the family, though I'm glad neither of our boys has ever gotten in on the act.

This girl was asking the other day if she could take a bath. We told her it wouldn't be the best idea, because of her foot, so suggested she take a shower, using my shower seat, instead. She was pretty sad about that answer, so, to try to encourage her, I explained that I have not been able to get in or out of our bathtub for over seven moths now (since the first strokes). She didn't understand that now I have to shower instead, so she told me, "You smell pretty good." Nice to know. ;)

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