Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Fun" Times

It has been an interesting 24 hours at our house. The 7-year-old has missed two major outing / privileges for refusing to do as he's told and vehemently arguing with me. He has lost 7 trash bags full of things from his room (about 5 bags worth hidden in his bed!) that haven't been cared for or put away in nearly two weeks. This was 2 hours after he first informed me his room was "clean" and he was given clarified instruct on what my definition of clean actually meant, along with multiple opportunities to make a serious effort to meet that definition.

Meanwhile, my husband (who has been sick, in bed, since Thursday) went to the back yard to check on our 10-year-old, only to find her happily painting our chickens' claws with nail polish! No words...

Here's what else is going on with my health: New Issues

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Anonymous said...

Really, chicken toenails...?!