Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reformed Heart

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Two years ago I was in the hospital, not even aware of October passing into November.

Last year I was home but don't really remember the date (other than to tell you that my creative kids came up with the idea of doing black eyes with make up and wearing white t-shirts with the letter P on them, so they were 3 "black-eyed peas").  It was probably a pretty normal homeschool day otherwise. I would guess we spent that evening with my parents since this is the general tradition for our family.

This year my kids are in public school for the first time and Oct. 31 is a BIG deal there, with parties and a festival to plan and costumes and all. Last night I tried to curl our daughter's hair to go with her Merida (from Brave) dress we had been given. We watch a tutorial on using drinking straws to make Merida's wild ringlets. I was frustrated that I didn't have the hand dexterity to even do one last night, so my husband stepped in. Looks adorable though! Our little guy has a thrift store muscle costume and is going as batman. We will spend the evening playing games with Nana and Grandpa tonight. :)

Halloween has always been my least favorite day of the year (other than that it was my childhood best friend's birthday). Much to my surprise, I'm finding that it no longer bothers me much because it is so fake compared to the truth of God' glory! I even carved a pumpkin this year. I couldn't seem to get a creative image (right side, artistic, brain damage) but carved the word "LIGHT" in block letters (and did a great job, if I do say so myself!) and told my husband, "Light shines in darkness." He smiled, looked a little in awe, and nodded, "Yes. Yes it does."

So today I celebrate this day the Lord has made and instead of hiding and wishing for the day to pass quickly, I rejoice in how the day was redeemed for His glory when Martin Luther posted 95 theses on the door of the church establishment that was getting too caught up in "earning" salvation rather than grace and Christ alone. Happy Reformation Day!

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