Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Blue Playdough

Facebook gave me a good laugh today. Memory from 6 years ago:
Looking up tips on removing Play-dough from carpet. Thought I had it all up and out of reach, but somehow the dark blue canister made it into the craft bin in reach of a craft-loving 4-year-old who didn't think to move over 2 feet onto tile before he began joyfully mashing. Lord, help me to remember how I prayed for this child and what a blessing he is...

In comments I shared, Everything I'm reading says not to add water (ice would do that) because it makes a bigger mess. Working what I can our with a credit card, then let dry overnight, pick more out with a fork or comb, vacuum, repeat, comb, vacuum, repeat, comb, vacuum, repeat... Then spot clean with stain cleaner as needed.

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