Sunday, June 28, 2009

Importance of Socks

Who knew socks could make such a difference? My sweet hubby was able to share a pair with a homeless man last night. He also gave him bottled water and energy bars. The man was thankful for all the provisions, but most thankful for the socks!

I questioned why socks could make a difference in 100 degree heat, thinking maybe they were to keep his feet warm in the cool outdoor night as he sleeps on the street? My hubby looked at me and said, "Think of the blisters you would get if you had to walk everywhere and didn't have a pair of socks." He also pointed out that socks were probably low on the man's priority list, a true luxury, because he would spend anything he had first on the basics like simple nourishment and just put up with the discomfort of his feet...

Made me think. There are so many daily luxuries I take for granted, things I consider "needs" like a pair of clean socks, that much of the world, including many right here in our country, do without on a daily basis. Praying for this man and the many like Him, that God will meet them just where they are and provide not only their "daily bread" but overwhelm them with His love as He blesses them with some special "extras" as well. And may I never look at a pair of socks with such indifference again!

Edited to add the link to another socks story written by a blogging friend: Socks are Worth More Than Gold. Very touching (grab a tissue)!

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