Friday, September 11, 2009

Hope You Dance donation Winners, Thank You!

My 5th IVIG went very well; much better than anything before! I'll post details later, but I'm exhausted right now as we headed out of town early Monday morning and got home late Wednesday night. I owe you a long, newsy post about that trip to see Dr. Montoya at Stanford, but it too will have to wait as I'm just so done in right now...

I do want to take a moment and thank everyone who contributed to "help me dance" and fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We received about 95% of the $500 we had set out to raise for the Whittemore Peterson Institute and will be attending their I Hope You Dance event tomorrow night. I'll probably be in a wheelchair and may not be able to stay very late, but I'm so excited to have the chance to go at all! Thank you so much for not only making this personal dream of mine possible, but for helping further the research to find answers to this theiving illness!

The winner of the Gurrlie Girl jewelry set (and I threw in a bonus bracelet for the amazing generosity of your gift) is Virginia T. of California. Your package is on its way and should be there by the middle of next week.

Ruth L. of Nevada is the winner of the Affordable Mineral Makeup™. Ruth, please visit and email with your $30 selection. :)

Everyone else who contributed in any way should have received a thank you note from me (either via email or postal mail). If you haven't gotten yours by early next week, please let me know so I can be sure your donation was properly received and processed. Thank you all so much!

If you don't hear back from me again until sometime next week, I'll be able to update you on IVIG 6 and the fundraiser all at the same time too. :)

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