Monday, October 19, 2009

ABC News Interview: XMRV and CFS link

What's a retrovirus? Why is XMRV considered a "game changer" for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Why is the XMRV / CFS link significant? Simple, clear explanations at

Today's been another "hit by a bus" kind of day for me. Don't know if it's a reaction to yesterday's IVIG or something else? About 11 this morning I posted a facebook updates stating, "Rough CFS / XAND day. Finally out of bed, but not sure for how long. Nausious, lots of pain, sound/light sensitive, everything hurts and feels heavy and my body just wants to sleep. Was hoping to go pick up new glasses today, but doesn't look like I'll be up to driving anywhere. Going to pile my kiddos in bed with me and try to get some school reading and snuggling in."

Have slept a good chunk of the afternoon since then. Friend came to pick up our daughter for a while, little guy is currently sleeping and oldest is happily reading, so I'm going to try to get my brain in gear enough to gather paperwork needed for tomorrow's doctor's appointment at Incline.

Yesterday's IVIG was #11, so only one more scheduled. Still working with my doctors to try to figure out if we will go forward with another round of 12 IVs right away, skip them (at least for now) and go immediately onto an antiviral drug instead, start on anti-inflamitories, or something else all together.

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