Monday, October 26, 2009

Half Way on IVIG

Yesterday was IVIG #12. I've been taking Zertec daily for nearly 2 weeks now, and had Benadryl and Fluids before the infusion, oxygen during, and additional Benadryl 4 hours in. It went well with no significant reactions. (I had started getting the tight checst about 4 hours after first benadryl dose, even with the O2 tank turned up to a 6, so that's why the double benadryl.) I still was there for 5 hours, but the infusion room was quiet and peaceful (last week had been noisy and hectic and I came home exhausted just from all the stimulation!) so I rested and read and just sought peace in the stillness. I came home, took more benadryl, and slept peacefully.

Woke up sore and stiff today and have never shaken the pain and sore throat all day, but not feeling "hit by a truck" as I have many Mondays, just heavy and sluggish and foggy. I had a really hard cry, the kind that comes from deep grief and shakes your whole body, yesterday morning before church. It was so needed and felt cleansing. I was able to be honest with Rick about all the ugly things I'm feeling about this whole nasty illness and the frustrating process of trying to get better. We are thankful that we have medical approval to immediately move forward with our next 12 infusions, but it also feels like hitting a wall - I've been counting 12 weeks since day 1, then 12 weeks gets here and there's now still 12 weeks ahead.

I don't say it enough, but I want the world to know that I have been blessed with such an absolutely amazing husband and I thank God for Him daily - I certainly don't deserve him and I'm thankful that he knows and understands me so deeply. For those going through chronic illness alone or with a spouse who is not understanding or believing, my heart and prayers go out to you. The Lord is definately my strength, the answer to those questions people ask about "I don't know how you guys get through all this." But second to God, my husband is the most amazing support I could ever ask for. We have moment of frustration and no relationship is perfect, but I am blessed beyond measure!

We went to Chevey's for lunch between church and my infusion yesterday. Their chips and salsa are my ultimate "comfort food". After hardly being able to hold in tears all morning since 5:30, 3 bowls of salsa got enough endorphins going that I wasn't teary again until late this afternoon. I also had a lot of time to pray and reflect during the quiet hours of infusion yesterday and being still before God, getting my head and heart back into His Word, has probably been the most healing of all.

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