Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buy a Christmas Tree & Clean Water for Africa!

* 1 in 7 people don’t even have access to a clean water source.

* More people in developing countries die of a water related disease than of malaria and HIV/AIDS combined.

It is easy to feel helpless, half a world removed from such suffering, but as shared in my Thanksgiving post at Hope Harvesters™, there are some simple, everyday things we can do that are easy for us, yet life-saving for others. Consider your Christmas tree purchase for example.

Due to allergies our Christmas tree is the boxed kind, but if you plan to bring the smell of fresh pine into your home this month, did you know you could help bring fresh water to Africa at the same time? Please visit The TreeWell Project at

Several of our friends attend the church sponsoring this great project and I can assure you there are great people with hearts to serve hurting people - your money will be used well! (If you don't live near Reno, NV but like this idea, think about contacting the director of this project to help plan something like this from your own town for next year.)

* Statistics quoted from The TreeWell Project website.

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