Thursday, October 21, 2010

more 4-isims

4-year-old was diagnosed with migraines today. When telling Daddy about his doctor's appointment at dinner he started with, "I have Mommy's um..." Wasn't sure where he was going with the whole "Mommy" thing until I prompted him about with the word "migraines" and he piped up, "Yeah, I have 'her-grains'!" as he pointed my way. Guess he'd been hearing me say "my-grains" instead of "migraines"!

We also enjoy listening to K-LOVE radio as we drive in the car. Last week he asked me to turn on "Caleb Radio" because it has songs about Jesus and has the same name as his friend Caleb.


Wildaisy said...

Your son sounds adorable. I am so sorry, though, that a four-year-old is having migraine headaches. It just doesn't seem fair. He should be having all the fun in the world, not suffering headaches. I hope the migraines get better soon.

Patricia Carter

Jenni / Jennifer Saake a.k.a. InfertilityMom said...

Thank you. No, it's not fair. :(
An interesting thing I'm just learning, in young children "migraine" doesn't necessarily mean "headache" at least not at the same level that I experience when I have a migraine. It is more experienced as abdominal pain, sudden mood swings (inability to cope with the world around him - temper tantrums that don't seem to have a trigger), etc. Very interesting process. I'm thankful he doesn't experience debilitating head pain, but it's still so hard to watch him struggle with any of this.

Anonymous said...

My girls thought there brother's name was KLOVE for the longest time. The were 3 at the time ;)

SO sorry about the diagnosis. So many other diagnosis scenarios ran through my mind when you first shared the symptoms. I am rejoicing for something "treatable"...does that make sense? This is from a fellow migraine sufferer...