Friday, October 15, 2010


Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. Infertility, pregnancy loss, inability to even try to grow your family (due to singleness or physical health limitation) are common to the world of chronic illness. I am told that my underlying health issues are probably a big part of the reason my body rejected at least three of our children before birth. As I loving remember Noel, Joel and Hannah, my three hard-fought-for and long-awaited miracles here on earth and my amazing, faithful husband, are blessings I don't take for granted! Praying for every hurting heart not finding yourself in the family you had pictured today. {{{hug}}}

I'm headed out with my daughter this afternoon to visit a friend's school. Our daughter, R., has been faithfully praying for her friend E. since E. was diagnosed with Leukemia a couple of years ago. Today we will hear from a couple of E.'s medical care team members as they present to E.'s class about E.'s journey. Praying it will be a time of healing for all and will help answer some of R.'s questions that I really have no answers for myself.

I'll be changing medications again this week and am thankful that my parents should be back in town (have been on a mission trip since June) to help our family through the potential transition time as my body continues striving toward wellness.

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Kelly L said...

When I was younger I thought I would have children when I was ready - After trying for a couple of years - we started fertility drugs - I conceived.. Our daughter Krystal was born at 28 weeks and died a couple of days later - she weighed 1 lb. Another round of fertility drugs - pregnant to miscarry... I know the pain - my body shut down after that - almost died from renal failure....

Today I am healthy have two beautiful girls who we adopted at birth. I love them more than I could possibly imagine loving another human being.. We serve an amazing God - I am truly blessed.

Keep the faith.

Love to you
I've Become My Mother