Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to School

My mom's on her way to Logan, Utah for the next 12 weeks where she will be receiving innovative treatment for fibromyalgia beginning tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who helped get her there by voting for her to win this Mom of the Year contest. We are praying this will be a positive and life-changing trip.

The kids and I are getting on track with a new school year today, starting 7th grade, 3rd grade and finishing up K towards starting 1st. Here are our traditional first day of school pictures.

Lots of you are asking about our chickens. No, they aren't laying eggs yet, but we think that should happen sometime in August. To our pleasant surprise, it looks like we ended up with all five hens, so we aren't going to need to find a home for any roosters after all. :) I'll try to get out there and post some current pictures of the ladies soon.

I'm really struggling with allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) that's impacting pretty much every aspect of my life. I'm also back around to the anger stage of grief over limitations and would appreciate your prayers in this. I know God's got a plan, but chronic illness is just so "chronic" sometimes...

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Denise said...

Today was our first day of school, too! Actually, it was the "FIRST" first day of school as my Goose is in PreK (year 0 for Ambleside:) We got to pray and say the Pledge of Allegiance and some other things{{grins}}. I will def. pray for you. Being chronic can really get you down sometimes. Sometimes, it feels like putting the next foot in front of the other is impossible--physically AND mentally! Fortunately God is always there waiting for me!