Monday, August 8, 2011

School Week 4

We are just finishing "week 4" of My Father' World 1850s - Modern Times. Due to some medical appointments next week, we will have a short school week then, so it works out well to finish "week 4" today and tomorrow, then do "week 5" the end of this week, and early part of next. We plan to start "week 6" around Aug. 22.

So far we have been learning about the pre-Civil War days. This includes both US and world history, as well as an introduction to the Underground Railroad and some specific stories of slavery. In listening to many slave Spirituals on YouTube today, we came across this historical video my kids wanted to share with you. The audio quality isn't great, so you may need to watch and listen a couple of times to catch everything, but it's short, so worth the listen.

Here's another:

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