Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Egg!

I have a month worth of back posts to make, mostly school updates and a few medical ones, but I just couldn't put this one off. It's a day of great celebration in the Saake household. We have our first egg!

Thank you for joining with us in this "egg-cellent" adventure! :)

This was my great-grandmother's egg basket. How fun to be able to use it with our own chickens!


Wildaisy said...

Jenni, I came to your blog to comment on your family getting your first egg, but all I can do right now is rave about how unbelievably beautiful your children are. Their parents are obviously giving them a great start in life. You are truly blessed!

Oh, and congratulations on the first egg too.

Patricia (Carter)

Anonymous said...

I have to just giggle...my reader just had your name and the title of the blog post....I was totally confused for a few seconds. I guess the mind goes back to IF days even when they are long in the past ;)

@GNN said...

so good to hear from you again

betty.camp said...

What a cool gift you got with your egg! I am sorry I am not there to see it!
Hopefully there will be more for me to see in two weeks!