Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's Shooting

Today's (and other recent) tragedies leave us reeling. Rather than trying to speak on an issue I am still trying to process myself, I direct you to the free chapter PDF (for a limited time) of the book Hope for the Weary Mom. My heart just absolutely aches for all the brokenness, and emptiness and horror these families face today. Praying for God's comfort, peace and grace to see everyone involved through these very dark waters!
From a friend's wall on Facebook. No artist credited. :(

Unfortunately, I have a sliver of an idea of the pain these families are facing right now (as do many of my friends), the unexpected loss of a precious child, right at Christmas time, though under very different circumstances. I have talked with my (earthly) kids about this much, but have no idea how to begin broaching the subject of why such evil  exists in the world. How and What to Share with Your Children offers some good starting points.

Find more thoughts, in the form of a helpful prayer by Max Lucado, here.

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