Friday, February 24, 2012

Putting It All Out There

I finally had the courage and energy to update all my regular blogs with news of the stroke today. I don't know why I could tell the world of or infertility and losses, but this, so visible, seems more private and I long to protect my heart. I type today with one eye closed, the other eye watering, single-fingered, and my left hand crumpled against my chest. This is HARD, on marriage, our family, and my heart. I had no idea. But God is still good!

In case I have missed sharing any of this here, the bulk of what I posted to other blogs is as follows:
Last fall, Oct. 2011, I experienced multiple strokes with brain-stem involvement. I have vision loss, doubled vision, hearing loss, a partially paralized hand, and I cannot walk, so I have trouble reading or typing. I am posting updates at if you wish to read news. I would be blessed by your prayers as I not only as I fight to recover from this near-fatal experience, but also as I prayerfully work on my next two books, first a devotional on The Fruit of the Spirit and then, if God allows, a Hannah's Hope-style-book on the Apostle Paul and living with chronic pain or illness.


Amy said...

I am praying for you and all those you love Jenni!
Amy Smith

Anonymous said...

Praying for sure