Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walked & Teaching School

The best news so far in my recovery has been having our kids home sine Wednesday night. They are scheduled to go back to my in-laws' on the 15th, but at least we are getting closer to bringing them home full-time. We have been doing school again and other than the walker, the emergency call button hanging around my neck, a funny-sounding, slow voice, eyes that don't see well, and a hand that won't work, it feels pretty "normal" again. I tell my first-grader that he can write and cut better than Mommy can, and I worry about my youngest son's speech since I can't pronounce words well, but we are learning. I still need someone else to fix meals, do laundry, and general housework, but we are slowly getting there.

I started outpatient therapy last week. (Technically, I am still categorized as "home-bound" but my amazing hubby gets me and my equipment out the door a few times a week.) Yesterday I WALKED 300 ft.! I needed two attendants to keep from falling, but it was the first time I have been equipment-free since October! My therapist says it will be a long road, but that was a start. He says when he asks me if I want to stop or do more, I always answer that I will do more. He asked if I used to run marathons (funny!) and says my motto seems to be, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."

I'll see the regular eye doctor this afternoon and hopefully we can get some eye glasses ordered to address the blurry part of the vision. My mouth is still very numb and I keep biting myself, even on the "good" side because of that. Eventually we will have to address hearing loss issues and dental so I can open my mouth more than an inch, but we can only take so many things at a time. For now I am enjoying being a mother and am rejoicing that I can actually envision a future on my own two feet!


Unknown said...

So glad that the direction you're headed is more functional, but I'll be on my knees in prayer for you today. It sounds like in addition to all the scary medical stuff, you are having to work so hard to interact and communicate with the world. What a ton of energy that must take. Your heart is so kind and needs to be communicated. I'll pray for healing for you to be able to do this once again.

Lisa said...

Ah, Jen, this is beautiful, and puts me to shame of how much I take for granted each day. I know what a struggle this must be to do tasks that were easy before but now take so much effort. I am so proud of you... And your attitude about it all. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl...praying, and wishing I was close enough to be your chef.

miriam said...

I am sorry I am only now coming to view this...but oh, how I've thought of you so much even if I didn't have updates. I want you to protect your heart, I pray God will, and I pray so much for your health and healing now, but also for your heart to have relief and laughter and joy in spite of such a great big thorn! You are very loved Jenni! I know I love you and I am so thankful for you. Miriam