Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He is the Potter, I am the Play Dough?

Maybe you've heard the saying before, "He is the Potter, I am the clay" (based on Romans 9 and several other references). Tricia Goyer brings a delightfully fresh perspective to this well-worn expression in her newest book Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God.

Though the book does not release for sale until the middle of this month, I had the delight of reading her first chapter this week. (Follow the link and you can too!) Though I know that Tricia was not an "Infertility Mom" many passages read as if they easily could have come from my own journals:

I loved dolls, and I loved imagining what it would be like when I would be a mom. Someday I’d have a baby of my own instead of a [play]-dough creation. But when I had kids, I felt like I was the one being squished and pressed. At times I felt like I was being poked as I tried to deal with the 101 needs of my kids. I felt stretched as I struggled through things I’d hoped I’d never have to face... I felt pulled when I tried to balance raising kids, taking care of our house, serving in church, and following my dreams. There were even days when I felt as if I was literally
being pounded—by life, by my hang-ups, by my own insecurities and doubts that I was “good enough” as a mom...

Some of my readers are moms, reaching this destination through a variety of paths. Others are still awaiting motherhood, longing and praying for such a blessing. But I think we can all relate to striving for a deep heart desire, then being surprised to find out that blessings can be costly as God shapes us after His heart in ways we never expected. I found this first chapter of Blue Like Play Dough to be such a refreshing example of how to live real life, messy life, crazy and unexpected life, by keeping God a first priority right there in the midst of it all. Looking forward to reading the rest when the book is available later this month!

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