Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me, My Gifts to Thee...

Yes, it's my birthday and 40s creeping up on my ever-closer now! I realized that I can no longer stretch the claim of "mid-30s" with this birthday. LOL

So since we are talking birthdays, let's talk presents. Here are three that are all for you!!!

First, be sure to drop by and leave your comment on the thread about Holley Gerth's book, Rain on Me. Today is your last chance to enter to win this amazing encouragement devotional!

Second, head over to and find out about the special 12% discount you can redeem Aug. 1-3 off your entire purchase of Affordable Mineral Makeup™!

Third, while you are on the InnerBeautyGirlz blog, find out how to earn up to eight entries into my give-away for a free makeup bag!

Not my give-away at all, but I had to add in an extra bonus here when I found out a blogging friend is giving away a Sushi Making Kit. I love sushi! If you do to, you will also want to follow the link to this give-away (children mentioned). :)

How's that for a birthday celebration? Now I'm headed to enjoy fresh strawberries with my three sweet little miracles, my wonderful hubby is doing our grocery shopping during his lunch break, then we are all heading to my parent's house for dinner tonight. My blessings overflow in the celebration of another year given to enjoy the gift of living and the amazing joy of family and love! I will be starting IV treatments on Aug. 9 (yes, they were originally scheduled to start a couple weeks ago, then were delayed) and my doctor informs me that, "The only fatalities reported from this treatment have been during the first infusion." so my statement about life being a gift is not lighthearted, but the thankfulness for my blessings is truly overflowing.

Oh, and if you want to leave me a birthday present, please comment sharing at least one thing you are thankful for in the beauty of your life today, then pass this link along to someone else so they can do the same. :) I also love new friends, followers and subscribers so these would be great gifts too!!!

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Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

Cute post, thanks for spreading the word.