Thursday, July 16, 2009

IV infusions start next week

I am very thankful for God's answer to prayer to provide some much needed medical care that we have been trying to obtain for nearly 2 years now. Insurance appeals have been battled through (at least on this specific issue) and I will start infusions next Tuesday morning.

Now that the reality is here though it's a little overwhelming/scary. As I understand it these treatments will take place once a week for the next 12 weeks and I will be hooked up to an IV for 3-4 hours each treatment. I am praying specifically that:
- I will tolerate the treatments well
- That the treatments will bring about significant improvement in my health
- That God will redeem the time I am sitting there each week:
1. either in positive interaction with others (patients, hospital staff, etc.) so that I can minister to those around me and/or
2. that I can use the 36-48 hours over the next 3 months when I will be forced into "being still" to make significant headway on reasearching/writing for my next book on the life of Paul and his "thorn in the flesh".
3. or that if neither my plan 1 or plan 2 are His intended plan for my use of that time, that He will still somehow use these hours to His glory and give me peace in resting in His perfect plan.

Thank you for joining me in prayer about all of this. I would also appreciate prayers for my kids and for all those who will be involved in helping me obtain my own care or helping in the care of our sweet little ones during these hours. They are used to a full-time at-home mom, so half a day apart each week will be a big adjustment for all of us, not to mention any additional changes or challenges to our schedule by any side effects I might experience from treatment.

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