Monday, August 10, 2009

25% Mineral Makeup rebate until Wed.

I am trying to sell $200 worth of Affordable Mineral Makeup™ by this Wednesday in order to qualify for a rep incentive. If anyone makes a purchase from by Aug. 12 (before midnight EST) at full price, email me - - your purchase order number from your completed transaction. I will paypal you a 25% refund of your product purchase total (not including tax/shipping fees) as soon as your order is processed. Your purchase MUST originate through my link in order for me to receive credit for your purchase and be able to send you the refund.

I really want to hit this goal, so I'm offering you a huge chuck of my commision as a direct cash-back refund. Tara (the company owner) sometimes offers discounts ranging from 10-13% (and only very rarely up to the 13% mark), but 25% if a really big deal and I'm willing to take the cut directly out of my earnings in hopes of gaining some new long-term customers and letting you see how wonderful these products are for yourself! This really is your very best chance to try out Affordable Mineral Makeup™ at a really great price. I hope you will take advantage of this amazing, but very time-limited deal and pass my offer along to your friends as well. Thanks for helping me out!

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