Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I survived my first IV Gamma infusion this past Sunday. It was pretty brutal. I was on my 7th day of a migraine headache when I got there and even on pain meds was pretty miserable. They started me on the absolute lowest push the machine could do and I felt dizzy and hot and nausious but could handle it OK. After about an hour they tried to up the push from a 5 to a 10 (they guy across from me was getting the same drug at a rate of 300, so this was still very low and slow) and I immediately had a spike in pulse and blood presure, accompanied by significant dizziness and nausia, and had to shut down the machine for half an hour before we could move forward.
The IV started at about 1:30 and we finally finished around 7PM (after brining it back up to the 10 for the last half hour or so - still harder to handle than the 5, but I didn't react as badly as the first time around). I am already dreading next Sunday, but I really feel this is a step in the right direction. My nurse said I actually did really well for a first infusion. Thankfully there were no significant or dire reactions such as an allergic reaction and we can plan to continue forward over the next 11 weeks. Thank you for your prayers.


Jeanne said...


I'm sorry it was so brutal. :( Good luck with the next one. My thoughts are with you!


Mary Singer Wick said...


Praying for your continued recovery. Hope you see some pain relief soon.

Thank you for your comment that you finished my book. I look forward to your thoughts soon (that you said you'd share later)! I love your analogy on "the wrong finger", but accepting the proposal as should be the case with God's gifts too. Thank you for that insight!

Wishing you peace and health,