Monday, August 17, 2009

2nd IV infusion

Yesterday's IVIG went so much better than last week's! I went in with only a very mild headache this time (last week had been day 7 of about a 12 day migraine) and by the end of the infusion I actually walked out with no headache at all!!! I had a wonderful nurse who was careful to listen to what I had to say about my body and let me set the pace. She agreed to let me monitor my blood pressure through the entire infusion and we upped my push very slowly through the afternoon. Where I could barely tolerate a push at 10 last week (causing a bp spike that had me off the drip for a full half hour) we were able to work all the way up from 5 to 21 this week and had the whole infusion in only 3 hours!

I had one spike of 149 over 80 with a pulse of 113, but was able to bring it down in just 5 minutes. We had a hard time starting my IV, something that's usually not an issue, so I had a couple of nasty bruises from blown veins, but in the big picture, that's not a big deal! I woke up feeling very little pain of any kind this morning and while a shower has wiped me out, I cannot begin to say how much better I feel right now than I did this time a week ago. Yesterday morning I was really dreading the ordeal(actually cried through about half of the church service), but today I have hope again that we are on the right track!

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