Friday, August 7, 2009

My Quest to Win a Laptop Computer

I love entering give-aways. I'll put my name in almost any drawing out there, as long as I'm not committing to enter a costly contract or agreeing to anything that stands against my moral paramaters for living. My sweet hubby finally asked me to stop entering draings that were going to lead to unending sales calls or sitting through timeshare presentations or in-home "free estimate" sales pitches like the ones that happen when I enter all the drawings when homeshows come to town. So I've instead turned to the thrill of online contests and as a result I have won a large stack of books (many autographed by the authors, a random collection of toys and children's products, a few food items, and most recently a week's free RV rental ($1,600 value) and a toddler's ballance bike ($140 value).

I've even entered to win houses a couple of times, and while I've never come close to that kind of prize, I actually had a neighbor/friend who did in fact win her house several years ago! My moto is, "Somebody's got to win, and if I don't enter, there's no chance it will be me." There are two things I've always wanted to win (that are a little less ambitious than a free house) that I keep entering for but have yet to bring home. The first is a new mini-van. I've been entering to win free cars of various kinds for probably 15 years or more, and so far have never come close. But that doesn't mean I won't keep trying. :)

The second is a laptop computer. I've lived through 19 years of chronic illness (with a lot of bed-bound days over those years), 3 high-risk bedrest pregnancies, am a homeschooling mom and a published author. Over the next three months I'll be undergoing about 48 hours of IV treatments that will have me stuck in a hospital infusion center where I would love to be working on my next book project and in late September our family will be taking to the road for our RV blogging trip. I dream of having a laptop computer! My sweet husband bougth me my very own desktop for Christmas a few years back, the first new, non-hand-me-down computer I've ever owned in my entire life, and I am so VERY thankful for this luxury. But I romanticize the freedom of a laptop.

So my newest quest is to win a laptop computer! (Or if by any chance there is some computer company guru out there reading my humble little blog and you want to sponsor a computer review, I would be happy to take you up on test-driving your product to share with my readers! *GRIN*) I participated in a Twitter contest a few weeks ago and didn't win any of the netbooks they were giving away then, but starting Aug. 12 I'll be following all of these blogs in the HP Back to School Give-Away and entering at a differnt site each day until early Sept. in hopes of winning one of their computers! Today I've entered for one of the 9 BlogHer Intell laptops being given away:

OwlHaven (I really enjoyed this author's main site on raising large families and homeschooling.)

Bacon Is My Enemy

Deb On the Rocks

Mom to Screaming Masses


Mocha Momma

Busy Mom

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Edited Aug. 10 to add the Brad's Deals twitter contest to win a $1,000 Dell laptop!

Edited Aug. 11 to add another Twitter contest:
@PSGforBiz Giving away 6 Dell Mini's by September 1st. To enter, RT this message.Top 3 re-tweeters along with 3 random followers WIn!!

Edited Aug. 15 to add:
Win an Asus Netbook with @WebPlus5! Tweet #webplus5 or @webplus5 to enter. Details:

Know any other laptop give aways I should check out?


Eli's Lids said...

Hope you win the laptop!!
I can't believe all you have been though... with the miscarraiges and adoptions that never went though... wow. I'm so sorry you had to go though all that. Amazing how God as brought you to other people in the same situations!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Good luck!

Marilyn Kvasnok said...

It's not a laptop computer drawing, but you could win $200 in non-toxic cleaning products here: It's my site, so your info is safe. And I promise you won't get hounded with sales calls.


Saph @ Walk With Me said...

Wow, I really hope you win one!! I've been trying to win one for a long time. I had to finally buy one for myself when I got laid off cause I wouldn't have a puter anymore. Now I'm trying to win a netbook for hubby so he can stop bugging me to use my puter. LOL