Monday, August 9, 2010

Join Me?

I need five homeschooling friends to check out
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
#1 Way to Save
and sign up for a free account, please. :) It's a great place to find wonderful prices on amazing programs and materials. We recently bought our Rosetta Stone at an 18% discount and earned "points" to redeem on other HSBC products on top of that!

I'm currently just 500 points shy of being able to receive Simply Music's Learn-at-Home DVD Program for Piano for FREE and can quickly earn those points if just five friends will sign up for accounts (as I get 100 points for each friend who registers through my link and you each get 100 points yourself just for registering). Any takers? Thanks so much! :D

The Homeschool Buyer Co-op is a free homeschooling organization for both new and veteran homeschoolers. Co-op membership is free and confidential, and entitles homeschooling families to discounts from over a hundred educational suppliers. They also sponsor "Group Buys" for curriculum packages that save homerschooling families lots of money. On the site you'll find lots of free information, such as databases of free curriculum, field trips, and educational contests and scholarships. Highly recommended. Click here for more information.

And while I'm "recruiting" I'll also tell you about eBates! It's a cash back program for doing online shopping from thousands of stores you probably already shop anyway. You can earn typically from 1-6% back on purchases, sometimes special offers will be made for 10% or more, or other flat incentives like $6 back on an Entertainment Book purchase. Stores include online merchants like eBay as well as more traditional places like Target, Barnes and Noble, WalMart, JCPenney, Dell and so much more. (With eBay I also earn eBay bucks, so I end up getting percentages back from every purchase through two different programs!) I joined eBates before Christmas '08 and do most of my gift shopping online. Without being aggressive about it (just trying to remember to start at their link before heading to a shopping website I was already heading to anyway), I've earned over $85 in cash rebates since I joined. Right now they are offering an incentive that if I can get 50 friends to sign up, I'll get a free Apple iPad or my choice of $500 bonus cash instead!


Anonymous said...

Have you joined HSLDA? You can get into a buyers co-op that way as well.

Jenni / Jennifer Saake a.k.a. InfertilityMom said...

Yes, we are HSLDA members!!! :) This co-op isn't for homeschoolers to sell to each other, it's like a clearing house for companies to make offers directly to homeschoolers. The idea (taken from their website) is, "school districts have purchasing power that homeschoolers don't because we purchase as individuals." Homeschool Buyers Co-op strives "to level the playing field" by creating "the world's largest purchasing cooperative for homeschoolers." They typically broker discounts ranging between 20-90% off retail from companies ranging from Lego to Digital Frog to math, music, language and more.

We don't buy through them often, but we have a few items we are always on the lookout for and if they happen to come along on a group buy, it's usually a very worthwhile investment for us (like 18% off Rosetta Stone + a huge pile of "points" to use toward other offers on the co-op website).