Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Health

Realized I hadn't taken the time to update on a handful of health issues I've mentioned here in past week. Most excitingly, the biopsy came back clear on the section the cut out of my scalp a couple weeks back. Praising the Lord for NO CANCER!

My abdominal pain has significantly improved and currently only seems to give me issues if I'm "stressed" (for my body all that might take is simply being around a group of people that I enjoy being with because stress can just mean anything beyond my limited physical tolerance thresholds) but overall seems significantly self-resolved. About the time of my HIDA scan I also ran out of a cranberry supplement I've been taking for the last couple of years for urinary tract issues - I never started them again because the resolution in pain seemed closely tied to the timing of stopping these pills, so I'm highly suspecting there may have been a link in my body not being able to process them well? For whatever the reason, again I'm thankful to God for His hand in allowing me to avoid surgery or further immediate testing.

For a little over a week I've had a fairly constant "pill stuck in my throat" sensation. Not typical CFS sore throat, not anything choking me enough to cut off air, but it just feels like a pill didn't swallow and is sitting there. It's worse after I actually take pills (not so much when I'm swallowing to eat) and is getting more persistent by the day. So far the potential explanations offered to me have been swollen lymph nodes, viral activation causing a temporary ulcer in my throat, "cricopharyngeal dysfunction" where a muscle (annoyingly, but harmlessly) constricts in the throat when it shouldn't, or heartburn. All of these ideas have been presented by others who have experienced similar sensations and these were the various answers given them by their doctors. If it continues to worsen, I'll go talk to my own doctor and see what she has to add. Since none of the possibilities sound too serious and I can live with the issue at its current level of annoyance, I'll just wait it out for a while, but it sure does feel odd.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I dropped a PAPERBACK book on my baby toe yesterday and broke it...

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praying right now for you, my precious friend!