Monday, April 2, 2012

Walked Without Weights!

I laughed walked my way through most of a half hour of therapy today. Am I ever tired! But I also feel energized by the knowledge that this was totally without weights on my legs for the first time and only a few brief resting breaks! Praise be to God!

Rick (yes, he's safely home! - thank you, Lord!) took a video that I imagine he will post to Facebook sometime this week.

I told my therapist that when I went to the neurologist's last week their was a question form outside his office and all I had ti do was read the question, something to the effect of, "Do you laugh or cry easily or without reason?" and I burst out laughing. 

My sister-in-love (wife of my brother who visited earlier this year) is visiting from WA this week. She got in last night and will be in town until Friday morning. She's actually staying with my parents, but as they live 5 minutes away I got to spend the morning with her and plan to see Diana (pronounced Diane) again when they come down for dinner tonight.

Since Diana and my mom were both crocheting this morning, and my Mom had extra yarn and a big hook, I gave it a try again, figuring it would be good occupational therapy. My granny square (took me about three hours to get three levels) somehow looked more like a triangle than a square by the time we had lunch, but it was a start. Of course, we had a good laugh over my efforts. I'm again, so thankful that I'm right handed as all my left hand had to do was hold some yarn. There is no way I could even try if my left hand had to do most of the work!

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