Monday, April 16, 2012

Full-time business

I've decide a full-time job would be less demanding than stroke recovery! I think this is true for my mom/chauffeur who did my laundry, multiple loads, plus most of the folding (I did a little, but mostly just towels) and putting away today.

We went to two therapy appointments today, see the dentist tomorrow, another therapy appointment Wednesday, followed by an eye exam across town, my friend Kati is taking me to therapy Thursday, then Mom's taking me back, half way across town, to meet a new audiologist Friday. Praise the Lord for good insurance! I think I'll be all caught up, other than ongoing therapy and at least two more dentists appointments, until I see the neurologist again next month.

Therapy was great today. I walked, still with two therapists on guard to catch me the several times I lost my balance, without even a gate belt on today. After I had done a regular lap up and down the hall, G. made it more challenging, giving me an obstacle-course (all on flat ground) to navigate, then uneven mats of different textures (one felt as unstable as water, so when I commented, he teased me about claiming to walk on water), then an obstacle-course on these textured mats, all on my own two feet!

My occupational therapist was excited to hear I have written 1/3 of my book. She also gave me some strategies for rolling over, as this has been an issue with my weak shoulder, was excited about my crocheting, started a dexterity test that we hope to finish next session, gave me suggestions for lacking short-term memory skills, and suggested I start using a wheel chair again so I can get around the laundry room and kitchen more safely. She was also pleased that I am independently showering and drying myself (with Rick to help me in and out of the shower and on standby while I'm in there) and that I've moved from a 3-in-1 chair to an armless shower chair this week. (She tells me to think of sitting to shower as a luxury since high end resorts have a shower chair built in.)

My eyes seem to doing minimally better, with very close objects sometimes becoming a single (or at least mostly) image and distance items seeming to be slightly closer together. Thank you for your prayers!

I was feeling great about all this progress until the doorbell rang and I (painfully slowly went to answer it) had to take three breaths to tell the two little boys at our door that our youngest, "is with his grandparent until Thursday afternoon." There went all the air out of my puffed up chest! I am making progress much faster than medical professionals ever though I could (or would be able to at all) so there is no doubt God is working mightily. I get discouraged though, when I think about how very far I still have to go.

This morning I was sad and discouraged when I woke up to face this ongoing hard work yet again. The dailiness is very old. May God's strength shine through all my weaknesses! One day at a time...

Now off to eat another great dinner, so faithfully and lovingly provided by our church family for so very long. With thanksgiving!


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