Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 Staples in the Head

We were back in Urgent Care with our 6-year-old tonight. No, our 9-year-old isn't out of her cast yet and I have just restarted therapy, so it is a medically intensive season! In his words, "A cup went up, into the air, and down into my head!" (Edited to add his words as of the next morning, "I don't want to take a shower, because water might leak into my brain.")


Who knew a plastic tumbler could cause so much damage when tossed across the back yard? (Why was it outside or thrown across the yard in the first place? Don't ask.)

I found I can remain amazingly calm when I'm the only adult around to handle a shirt-soaking bleed, screaming 6-year-old, two hysterical siblings of said injured child, and no driver's license.

Thank you, Lord, for retaliative peace and presence of mind to take control of and properly handle a chaotic situation with wisdom and grace. And thank you, Mom, for providing fast transportation once you were called. I'm so glad you live only half a mile away! Little Bear was so glad that his Daddy was there to meet us, sit by him, and hold his hand, when we got to Urgent Care!


sheridan said...

My goodness! Your family has had an interesting summer! The stories they'll be able to tell their friends.

lisa @ BATC said...

Wishing you all the best at this difficult time. I have fibro too (and other things)