Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Week

We started school on Monday. For those who have been watching or wondering, test results are coming back very encouraging so far. Our kids seem to be right on, or ahead of, where they need to be. So again we are using My Father's World, this year the Exploring Countries and Cultures year.

God knew what He was doing by allowing this to be the one year all three kids would be on the same track, since our youngest is done with K and almost (another month or so) done with 1st, and our oldest is in his last year of jr. high, not starting high school for one more year yet.

Our 6-year-old is giving us an emotional workout. If you are thinking of us, please pray for Rick and me to have wisdom and for Little J. to feel calm and secure with all the changes happening in his world. We need God's direction and peace right now!

Praise: The stitches/staples our out! Now to get a little girl fully out of her cast...

Tonight we were telling our 9-year-old who Wonder Woman is. (I guess the kids were right when they said I was "old" and Rick was even "older," meaning he is "older than old" and I'm not much younger.) Rick explained that she was a warrior princess of the Amazon. She wanted to know if that meant WW was going to be a queen of shopping. :)

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