Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brown Rice Diet?

With yet another yeast infection raging (yes, I was weak and indulged in a few pieces of Easter candy over the weekend, and woke up "paying for it" by Monday), I've been investigating food choices that I might actually have the energy to implement. Many people have encouraged me to try Candida diets, gluten-free diets and many, many other diets. While I fully believe there's probably great merit to many of these suggestions, the bottom line is that if that's what it's going to take to "get better" (and with a retro-virus, I honestly believe there's a lot that can be done to make healthy choices, but currently nothing that's going to make a dramatic difference) that I simply don't have the energy to do what is needed to get more energy.

As a chronically ill mom I'm thankful to get something relatively nutritious to the table for my kids three times each day, so yes, I do rely on prepackaged, canned, frozen, and otherwise processed food much more than I would like. But am thankful to have these options that make feeding my family possible at all. Taking on "special projects" like restrictive diets simply isn't a realistic option for me unless someone wants to volunteer as my personal chef.

I have tried various forms of "detoxing" in the past and typically have terribly problems like nightmare migraines (pain indicating symptoms of brain aneurysm), hives, nausea and sometimes even breathing issues. But every "detox" I've tried in the past included herbal supplements and since I am sensitive to so many chemicals, even natural ones, I've long suspected dextoing herbs to be allergens for me.

Today I came across the Brown Rice Diet on one of my follower's pages (thanks Amy!) and am wondering if this is one I might actually be able to handle? No herbs involved, healthy, natural foods that are easily within the parameters of things I enjoy eating and can prepare with relative ease, and probably all things I can prepare for my family without having to make a full second set of meals for myself. Giving up prepared foods will still be a stretch for me energy-wise, and no bread or dairy will limit some meal options (we don't do milk, but do cheese and yogurt, along with a fair number of sandwiches), but I think this one could be workable.

Anyone ever try this or something similar? Would love to hear your stories and input.


Susanna said...

I have been on a gluten and lactose free diet for the past 2 weeks and i feel great! I also lost 3 lbs! I was just wondering if you'd heard of the lightening process? I did it a year ago and well I used to have me/Cfs but now don't! It's great and well worth the money. I know God played a part too and used the course. Hope that helps.

Sonya Preston said...

I have just started this diet so I cannot tell you if it will help me. But my dr recommended it and his nurse said it has helped him with chronic pain and he only has a problem when he goes off the diet. It is relatively simple to remember the 'rules' and so far doesn't seem to be too bad...tho I admit I am only on my second day so only time will tell. It is labeled a "Low Insulin Modification Diet" but is very similar to low carb. If this sounds like something you might be interested in I can give you the details. Many times I try and post comments to pages and it doesn't work so I don't want to type it all out and have it not go thru at all.