Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday :)

I think I'm going to put my "Fiction Fridays" feature on hold for a few weeks as I read back through your previous review comments and decide where I'm headed from here. :) Thanks for all the great feedback. It was exciting to see how popular those review posts seemed to be.

My body's telling me it's got to be a quiet day at home today. My kids all seem to be trying to fight off a little something too, so I think we are going to do a lot of reading and have a fairly light school day. Looking forward to a weekend with my sweet hubby home before he heads to ChirpTweet next week.

Since this blog is focused on both motherhood and infertility, I had to share another sweet blog I stumbled across this week. Me vs. You is written by two sisters, one dealing with infertility (now finally a mom to one) and the other highly fertile (5 kids in 7 years). It is a reflection of their journey through sisterhood together as they each saw their families unfold in such different ways, wanting to continue being deeply devoted sisters, yet the pain of circumstances often getting in the way. They take a unique approach with their blog, inviting questions from their readers, then each sister answering from her own perspective. I obviously haven't read every post in the extensive history there, but was really impressed with the loving and candid advice I did have a chance to read. (And it didn't hurt my feelings at all when the infertile sister suggested Hannah's Hope as a resource for her readers this week, thus triggering my Google alert and allowing me to find their blog in the first place. ;) )

I bought myself a little treat last week and am enthralled by the beautiful pictures, along with a surprising amount of information, packed into In the Footsteps of Paul by the photographer behind the movie, "The Passion," Ken Duncan. A feast for my eyes and refreshment for my soul. :) What a joy to see my own book on Paul continue to take life over this past week as well.

In other news, our taxes are finally filed!!! Yeah! (I knew you couldn't survive another minute without knowing that vital piece of information. But it was a BIG DEAL to me, and has been a huge focus in our household these past several weeks, thus noteworthy for this blog. ;) ) It was nice to finally see all those medical expenses from 2009 do us some good in the form of tax deductions.

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