Thursday, March 29, 2012

Laughter, The Best Medicine

Another 6-year-old funny. J-Bear shares a room with his 12-year-old brother. By personality, Big J. is very neat and precise while J-Bear is very free-spirited. The other day J-Bear told me that Big J.'s "room is all clean, except for my stuff." The "except for my stuff" part was an understatement because their room was an absolute disaster, but J-Bear was right that his brother's stuff was all picked up and put away while his was not!

We shared a pastry the other day, cut in three pieces. J-Bear went home and told Rick, "We shared it in three quarters."

Rick bought me an orchid a few weeks ago. He gave me a funny look when I was reading the care instruction. When I read, "Keep away from drafts," he thought I said, "Keep away from giraffes." We have been careful to keep an eye out for those apparently orchid-loving, long-necked creatures ever since!

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miriam said...

I love these funnies. I am taking some time throught my day today to read your posts on your blog. I love the last part about the orchid-loving giraffes! Love you!