Thursday, January 21, 2010

4-year-old whiplash

Just two days until Little J.'s 4th birthday. He was still in a lot of pain this morning, and since the ER yesterday didn't seem to take him seriously yesterday, we went to his ped. today. I'm so thankful for a wonderful doctor who has known all our kids since birth and invests himself in their lives. We were with the doctor for almost a full hour and he examined J. in great depth.

I now feel much more peace that there is no spinal damage and that he will fully recover. He does have whiplash and a nasty knot in the muscle of one shoulder (things the ER didn't catch) along with the bruised kidney (that we did learn about yesterday), but we now have specific comfort measures we can offer him and will follow up in a couple of weeks to be sure he continues to heal well.

When my sweet hubby came home from work yesterday saying, "I'm sorry you had such a bad day." in reference to our ER trip, all I could say was that it could have been a WHOLE LOT worse. We are so very thankful that we aren't looking at a wheelchair or physical therapy. "Just" whiplash and a bruised kidney sound much more cope-able! We are thanking the Lord for His care and protection this week!

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