Saturday, January 23, 2010

birthdays and Stanford

Happy birthday to my Baby Bear who, in 5 minutes, will celebrate four years of life outside my womb. Here's the adorable magazine cover Rick designed as his birth announcement.

And since I will not be here to post on Monday, an early Happy Birthday wish to our sweet Princess who is turning 7 almost to the exact minute, 48 hours after her little brother's moment of celebration. :)

We are off to Stanford this weekend. Hopefully I'll have an update to post from our visit with Dr. Montoya next week. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travels over snowy mountains and for the physical impact of travel to have minimal negative impact on my health. Thanking the Lord for a wonderful husband who is taking time off work to get me there and home again, and for my parents who will be moving in to care for our sweet babies while we are away.


SuperAngel said...

happy birthday to both of the dears! :)
have a blessed trip!

Lori said...

Wow. You've had a lot going on. I pray that your trip will bring news you are looking for and will be safe both ways. AND so glad that it's *only* whiplash. Geesh. *Only*, huh? Still praying for him!

Hua said...

Happy Birthday to both! I hope your Stanford trip went well!