Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm actually feeling semi-human again today! :) In celebration, don't miss out on Passover my give-away link over at Hope Harvesters™. My fever broken this morning and my sores are almost totally resolved. I also slept much better last night than I had for quite a while. The amazing thing about having had chicken pox so many times is that each case seems to be blessedly lighter and more quickly resolved than the time before, and adding the anti-viral medicine this time around too, seems to have really helped. I think given the choice between recurrent chicken pox and shingles, I would just as soon keep going this route.

Acyclovir has been hard on my tummy and I'm in quite a bit of pain because I can't take my normal pain pills while taking this. I got a migraine the day before the pox broke out and am still fighting a pretty nasty headache, though it's now different than my typical migraine, so possibly a side effect of the Acyclovir instead? Yesterday the headache was especially vicious. It's still here today, but not nearly as nasty as it has been. The good news is that the Acyclovir has been hard on the chicken pox virus too! My doctor says that as long as I have no oozing sores and no fever, I'm free to be out in public. I had figured church was out on Sunday, but it's actually looking like I might be fine to go.

Tonight our kids are spending the night with my parents. Rick will be at a men's church group meeting this evening and I'll hopefully feel up to starting to tackle paperwork for our tax filing (is the deadline really less than a month away already?!) while the house is quiet. Then Rick and I are taking the whole day tomorrow just to regroup and be alone together after an especially stressful few weeks.

Our last alone time was our latest trip to Stanford, and since the focus of that whole trip was medical, it wasn't terribly relaxing. This will be our first day alone together, without a medical focus, in a very long time and we are both relishing the fact that we get to have a date tomorrow even if we do nothing but stay in bed and watch movies together all day! :) We have a couple of gift certificates, so if my tummy's doing well enough, we might even go out for dinner.

Will be wonderful to have the whole family back together again tomorrow evening. Our youngest has been with his other grandparents since last Sunday and his original planned mid-week return was delayed because I was down so hard. I'm thankful he had such a better week playing on the farm than a very sick Mommy could have given him here at home, but I'm sure missing him and looking forward to having him home again.

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Lori said...

Glad you are feeling a bit sister has had the chicken pox about 8 times and I never cease to be amazed at how that happens. I'm sorry you've been dealing with it, but hopeful this is the upswing and you can enjoy your date!!