Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#30DaysOfThanks 10 Snow Delay!

Kendra you will laugh at wimpy Nevadas, but my thankful for today was to wake up to enough snow as to delay school by two hours. There is laughter in my home this morning, a relaxed pace, joy, enjoyment of one another, and I'm even awake with the kids while they are preparing for the day!

My post tomorrow will be all about home based business women in my life. If you sell etsy or for any party sale company, write or paint or compose music that you then sell, anything like that, or all out on your own, or even if you aren't home based but have ownership/management interest in a family business with online customer access, please message me to let me know, along with your link, right away. I'm going to try to include as many friends' businesses as possible, but have already been working on the project for a couple of days and realize it is a huge undertaking!

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Anonymous said...

I have learned, it is all about location. In San Antonio, I froze my bootie at 45 degrees farenheit. Here, I've acclimated. The 7 degrees Farenheit we currently have is only mildly cold, and I'm thanking God for a warm winter thus far ;)